Refining a marketing model of a knowledge-intensive enterprise so as to ensure import substitution industrialization

Authors: Sosenko N.S.
Published in issue: #3(3)/2016
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2016-3-21

Category: Economics and Production Organization

Keywords: model, knowledge-intensive enterprise, marketing, import substitution industrialization, management methods of organisational economics, innovation process, electrical cable industry
Published: 02.12.2016

We developed a number of measures ensuring import substitution industrialization for the Russian market. We analysed the methods of organisational economics and models of managing innovation at a knowledge-intensive and industrial enterprise. We conducted marketing research of the Russian electrical cable market. The study found that the Russian industry depends on electrical cable imports. We suggest procedures for refining the model of a knowledge-intensive enterprise using All-Russian Research and Development Institute for Cable Industry as an example, by means of forming a new department unit.


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