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For authors

Requirements for manuscripts and accompanying writing documents

Authors must submit to the editorial staff the following documents:

1. Filled application form (download), containing a request to accept the article for publishing. Authors must study the profiles of the journal and express desire to be published in one of them (it is possible to place an article in more than one profile); however, the final decision rests with the editorial staff.

2. Expert's report allowing the article to be published in the media may be provided.

3. The article must be a WinWord file in .doc or .docx format containing all the elements. File's name must contain only the name (-s) of the author (-s).

4. Full apparatus in Russian and English (UDK, headline, lat and first name of the author/s, place of employment, summary, keywords, references, and information about the author/s, including e-mail address and phone number); photo (-s) of the author/s and pictures (if necessary): not less than 72pi, JPG, PNG, TIF formats only are allowed. Each picture must be a separate file in graphic format, named pic 1, pic 2 etc.

5. All documents must be submitted to the editorial staff in digital forms. Hard copies may be scanned and sent by e-mail to the Secretary (see the Editorial Board page).

The e-mail address of the author must be real and working, for the editorial staff to be able to maintain necessary contact with the author. The author may provide his or her Skype contact.

Appearance of the documents

1. The author’s original of the article (in Russian) in electronic copy (the first individual file on CD/by e-mail), containing the text in "Word" (2010 version) format, is to be presented to the editorial office of the journal.

2. All the text must be done in Times New Roman Cyr font, point size 12pt, on-and-a-half interval. Spaces ahead of paragraph - 0.7 cm; the paragraphs must be clearly stated. Margins (in cm): left and on top - 2, right and on bottom - 1.5. Numbering - "from the centre" from the first page. Extent of the article - 9-12 pages (including abstracts, key words, notes, source lists).

3. Structure of the text:
3.1. Data on the author / authors and scientific advisor: name, surname, position, occupation, degree, science degree, e-mail address, - are to be placed ahead of the article title in a/m sequence (levelled by right margin).
3.2. Article title
3.3. Abstract of the article (80 words) on actuality and novelty of the issue, main substantive aspects is to be placed after the article’s title (italic).
3.4. Key words for the article’s content (8 - 10 words), to be placed after the abstract.
3.5. Main text of the article, preferably split by the subsections (with subtitles).

4. Features of article writing:
4.1. The initials in the text are to be printed via nonbreaking space with family name (simultaneous pressing keys "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "space". No spaces between the initials.
4.2. The abbreviations, like e.g., s.a. etc., to be printed via nonbreaking space.
4.3. Brackets "…" are to be used in the text, if the inner and the outer brackets are used, then the outer brackets are to be French quotation marks, the inner ones - inverted commas.
4.4. The em dash (-), obtained by simultaneous pressing keys "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "-" and hyphen (-), are to be used in text.

5. Tables, schemes, figures and formulas in the text must be numbered; schemes and tables must have titles placed over the scheme or over table field, each figure must have footer inscription.

6. Reference list / Source list (if the electronic resources are included into the list), is to be formed as per valid standards and is to be put in the end of the article. The sources are to be listed in the citing order. Links in main text to the list are given in angle brackets [source number in the list, page].

7. Notes are numbered by arabic figures (using text editor menu key "superior character" - x2). When filing reference lists, notes and links, automatics "footnotes" of the text editor are not used.

Publisher's responsibility

Articles’ authors are responsible for the article content and for event of article publication itself.

Opinion of editorial office does not necessarily coincide with authors’ opinion, and the editors are not hold responsible for unreliable published data.

The editorial office retain the right of text editing and is not hold responsible for reliability of the publications.

The editorial office is entitled to withdraw already published article, in case if it is revealed that in process of article publication, third parties rights or generally accepted rules of scientific ethics have been violated.

The editorial office is to inform the author who presented the article, reviewer and the company where the research was conducted, that that the article has been taken out.

Articles and other materials are not to be returned.

The articles presented with violation of above mentioned rules are not accepted for publications.