An approach to risk assessment in industrial procurement management decision-making

Authors: Sadovskiy G.L.
Published in issue: #4(9)/2017
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2017-4-91

Category: Economics and Production Organization

Keywords: industry, purchasing, procurement, management, decision-making, risks
Published: 20.04.2017

The study gives an approach to building a system of technical and economic risk indices in interaction between an integrator company and a supplier of components, modules, units and assemblies in production of high-tech products for civil, military and dual use. First, we cover the terminology of the procurement system according to the analysis of various sources, taking into consideration foreign and domestic experience. Then, we study the decision-making methods used in industrial procurement management. Finally, we propose a method for determining a complex index of credibility between an integrator company and a supplier-enterprise according to the convolution of particular indices of technical and economic risks.


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