Communication problems among youth

Authors: Egorova E.A.
Published in issue: #10(51)/2020
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2020-10-647

Category: Humanities | Chapter: Social sciences

Keywords: communication, communication skills, communication problems, youth environment, youth, social interactions, informal communication, behavior patterns
Published: 25.11.2020

One of the important aspects in the life of young people is the sphere of communication, and especially informal interpersonal communication. Relationships between people are a complex set of connections and interactions, which often become hotbeds of various conflicts. This article is devoted to the problem of communication of young people in interpersonal communication. The process of informal communication is considered in detail, as well as a description of the main problems arising in this area is given, and their prerequisites are indicated. The listed aspects are disclosed both at the theoretical level (analysis of literature, systematization) and at the empirical level (sociological survey).


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