Determination of permissible positioning error when locating blanks along a plane and two perpendicular holes

Authors: Stepanov M.G.
Published in issue: #10(51)/2020
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2020-10-648

Category: Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science | Chapter: Technology and Equipment of Mechanical and Physical Processing

Keywords: determination of the locating error, locating body parts, locating along a plane and two holes, processing body parts, cylindrical pin, rhombic pin, relative error, absolute error
Published: 25.11.2020

The paper is devoted to a method for calculating the positioning error in the process of machining holes and surfaces when locating blanks along a plane and two perpendicular holes. Possible blank displacements and the influence of the position of the machined hole or surface on the value of relative and absolute positioning errors are considered. Formulas are given for calculating the relative and absolute values of the positioning error and drawings of the possible displacement of the blank. Based on the obtained dependencies, recommendations were given for finding the maximum value of the positioning error, depending on the location of the hole or surface being machined relative to the base holes of the blank.


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