Image contrast enhancement as a result of the filtering mask's effect on its Fourier spectrum components

Authors: Bobova V.D., Titenko A.A.
Published in issue: #12(77)/2022
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2022-12-847

Category: Physics | Chapter: Instrumentation and Methods of Experimental Physics

Keywords: fourier optics, Fourier analysis, Fourier synthesis, image contrast enhancement, light field filtering, filtering mask, optical systems, spatial spectrum
Published: 29.12.2022

The problem of spatial filtering of a light field as a result of influence on components of its Fourier spectrum by means of a filtering mask made of aluminum foil in the form of "cross" is considered. Installation and technique of realization of this technology are described, the used mathematical apparatus is given. The results of the experiment concerning the influence of the filtering mask on periodic objects of small dimensions such as a diffraction grating containing 4-4 lines per millimeter are shown. The conclusions about influence of the filtering mask of the obtained sizes and configuration on the sharpness of the obtained image and about possibility of representation of the light field after filtration in the form of superposition of its horizontal and vertical components are made.


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