Analysis of the perspective of the application of quantum dots

Authors: Vasin Yu.O., Fatkhutdinov T.M., Troshina D.P.
Published in issue: #4(33)/2019
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2019-4-470

Category: Physics | Chapter: Physics and technology of nanostructures, nuclear and molecular

Keywords: nanomaterial, quantum dots, nanostructures, morphological analysis, semiconductor structures, wavelength, X-ray diffraction, photoluminescence, absorption spectroscopy
Published: 30.04.2019

The main characteristics of quantum dots are considered and their synthesis is performed. Special attention is paid to characterization methods (determination of the main characteristics, X-ray diffraction, optical spectroscopy) and the use of quantum dots. Based on the material presented, further directions for the use of quantum dots can be predicted. The relevance of research is due to the fact that nanotechnologies in recent years have begun to take shape, which in the future may become the main engine of progress and enter our life tightly. The goal of nanotechnology is to control the behavior of individual particles — atoms, molecules, molecular systems — while creating new nanostructures, nanodevices, and materials with special physical, chemical, and biological properties.


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